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Dufour Yachts is a French yard that leads its history from 1964. The company makes sail yachts with fiber-glass plastic bodies. They are cruising race yachts 10.6-13.76 meters long and cruising sail yachts in 9.8-15.31 meters long class. Dufour yachts were repeatedly given ‘yacht of the year’ award. Many of the yard’s sail models were named best in class for performance, comfort and elegance. Besides, it is difficult to imagine safer yachts in this class.

Today, Dufour Yachts produce 6 models of sail yachts with “sandwich” hull construction. This type of hulls are formed by vacuum from two glass reinforced plastic sheets filled with polyvinyl chloride resin in between. Thanks to this technology the manufacturers were able to achieve a hard, durable light-weight construction. Dufour boats have very unique interior designs, which create impression of spaciousness inside. Dufour is considered the highest quality manufacturer among the top five European mass-producing yacht builders.

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