DYNAMIQ - a new approach to the construction of yachts

DYNAMIQ represents the aluminum yachts designed for long cruises and big parties. The company was founded in Monaco in 2011. Its founder - Sergey Dobroserdov - has extensive experience in the yacht sales. He made a team of renowned engineers and designers and developed the concept of GTT.

Shortly after the establishment of the company, the DYNAMIQ production was started in Italy. In Tuscany, in the town of Marina di Carrara, the first yachts were built under this brand. They are not completely Italian. They do not also belong to Monaco, where the company's head office is located. And they can not be called Mediterranean. The concept of the new yachts was created by the founder of DYNAMIQ, the engineering part was prepared by the Dutch experts, and the interiors and exteriors were given to the Italian designers.

The construction is carried out at the NCA shipyard, one of the largest production facilities in Italy. Here they are producing the vessels 150 meters in length. Dynamiq Yachts gets a separate area, equipped with everything that is required.

The GTT concept (Gran Turismo Transatlantic) is a new yacht category manufactured for travel and leisure. They could be assessed from 2016: 5 years after the company establishment the first vessel DYNAMIQ - D4 - was launched.

The international approach to the construction of ships, the best specialists gathered together, the Italian design and the Dutch mastery make the DYNAMIQ project unique, and the boats produced under this brand, are the most advanced, reliable and luxurious.

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