Egg Harbor

A Fisher in the tux

This is a case when people that build the yachts know what they are doing. The fact is that Egg Harbor builds yachts for fishermen. From the very start, people that were ardent fans of fishing and the professionals were heading the company. However, there’s another fact that sets apart yachts of this yard from the ones alike.

Most of the models are too glamorous for such a thing like fishing. Nevertheless, it only attracts fans of this company. Egg Harbor yachts are an exemplar quality boats from the start to the very last touch.

The principle of utmost comfort for the fishermen aboard is strictly followed here. As for the interior finish, you can feel Egg harbor’s unique style in every little detail, conveying comfort and richness that is unthinkable for a fishing boat. That mainly concerns the Predator series. Those yachts are custom made and regarded as certain sailing “Bentleys” by boat-fishing enthusiasts.

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