ENDEAVOUR - the lightweight and durable fiberglass yachts

ENDEAVOUR is a yachtbuilding company that for several decades has produced more than six thousand ships. The shipyard was founded by John Brooks and Rob Valdez in 1974. It is located in Largo (FL).

The first boat, ENDEAVOUR 32, was built here in 1975. It became widely known. Inspired by this success, the founders of the company decided to start new projects - the yachts with the length of 37 and 43 feet.

The company was founded in the 70s, when the fiberglass boats gained the greatest popularity. ItХs no wonder, that they began to produce the yachts made of fiberglass. The early ENDEAVOUR models had a simple structure without a refined design and their price was very inexpensive, for which they were adored by the audience. By combining fiberglass and polyester resins, the shipyard later began to produce more robust and durable vessels.

In the 80s the company paid attention to the high-speed yachts. Having modernized the production and introduced more modern technology, ENDEAVOUR began to build the fast boats that are easy to use. At the end of the 80s the company cut its production in half, and only 105 employees remained instead of 300 employees. In 1988, Endeavour Yacht Corporatio was sold to an investment company from South Carolina.

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