ENDEAVOUR CATAMARAN INC. - keeping with the best American traditions

ENDEAVOUR CATAMARAN INC. is an American company, opened in Florida a few years ago and specialized in the production of the custom-made yachts, repair of fiberglass, electics and other elements of the vessels.

Most of the boats produced by ENDEAVOUR CATAMARAN INC. according to the individual projects, have two hulls. But the company is not satisfied with the catamaran and builds the yachts of almost any type. Among them there are the electric boats, unmanned experimental ships, disposable prototypes. By experimenting with the technology, the shipyard is producing the boats with the unique qualities.

ENDEAVOUR CATAMARAN INC. is making the high-quality boats. It can be confirmed at least by the five-year warranty. The fiberglass hulls that are made here have ABS certificates.

All catamarans and single-hull boats built by the company, can be seen in the city of Clearwater.

Excellent quality is not the only feature of the yachts. They are characterized by low price, available for every second average American citizen, ease of maintenance and ease of use. These are the yachts that can be used every day, the yachts produced in the best traditions of the American yacht building. This also applies to the price and quality.

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