EVERGLADES - cmade by Bob Doughterty

EVERGLADES is a shipyard from the USA that was founded in 2001. However, this company has a long prehistory. Its founder - Bob Doughterty, is an icon in the world of yacht building. He began his career in the maritime industry in Boston Whaler, where he developed a special V-shaped hull. Due to his invention the ships under this brand became practically unsinkable. For 30 years old Bob Doughterty has been working for this company.

Later, he began to work on another form of hull. He came up with a hull filled with foam. His development has received international recognition. After another invention the developer has established his own company.

EVERGLADES is manufacturing the custom and commercial vessels. Basically these are the medium-sized boats that are produced according to the technologies developed by the company's founder. By the way, Bob Doughterty continues to manage the organization. The vessels built under his supervision, can be used for recreation, cruises and fishing and commercial purposes. Some boats are only for coastal waters.

The EVERGLADES yachts have an original design that makes them stand out in a series of similar vessels. They are unique, reliable and innovative. The founder of the company is monitoring the changes in the world of yacht building and developing own technology. Any boat produced at the shipyard can compete with the best ships of the well-known companies. Some boats under the brand can be found at the brokers. Some of them were sold by the owners, others are offered by the shipyard. The company is collaborating with a network of brokers and brokerage agencies, and offers its new products.

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