FIPA ITALIANA - the racing yachts from Italy

FIPA ITALIANA is a company from Italy, Viareggio area. The shipyard is producing the custom commercial and military ships. The vessels are made of different materials depending on the purpose. Military ships are made mainly of steel and aluminum. Such vessels shall be not just fast, but also quite reliable. The custom boats can be made of composite materials - many customers choose such vessels exactly.

The Italian brand designs and manufactures the high-speed one-decked sport yachts of luxury class. They are characterized by a distinctive design: these ships have a streamlined hull, concise features and stylish design. The shipyard can create the custom-made yachts, but they also manudacture the mass production models. From time to time the company presents its new products. New developments are shown at specialized events. Sometimes the boats of FIPA ITALIANA participate in the competitions, they even won in some regattas.

The company is specialized in motor yachts, the boat range of the shipyard does not include any sailing boats. The shipyard has its own club, the membership in which it is hard to earn. The members are only the most dignified people. The manufacturer of ships is using its color scheme during the design of boats. The company does not have a lot of classic white yachts. These are mainly gold and silver racing boats. There are also boats of other colors. The manufacturer is extending away from the classical design standards, but continues to follow the quality standards. All ships under this brand are safe and comply with the international requirements.

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