Formosa - the sailing ships from Taiwan

Formosa Boat Yard Ta Chiao is a shipyard located in Taiwan. The company produces a series of vessels under the common name of Formosa. These are the yacht models of different lengths and with different specifications. The boats has been manufactured here for a long time, the first model was developed in 1972. During this period, many manufacturers have been experimenting with new materials, and Formosa Boat Yard Ta Chiao was not an exception. The company also aimed to offer the customers the most reliable and modern vessels.

Today the boats of the Formosa series are made of fiberglass. These are the sailing yachts with a motor and a long keel. Being made of a modern material, the yachts are durable and practical, they are perfectly preserved over time. The boats built decades ago, looks like new ones.

The manufacturer also released several ships called Spindrift. These sailboats with a long keel has also been made of fiberglass. They are more powerful and long. The vessels are ideal for recreation, sports and swimming in the coastal waters. The length of the company boats does not exceed 14 meters. The smallest yacht does not reach up to 10 meters. These boats are perfect for personal use. These are the custom sailing ships. They are agile, safe and easy to manage.

The yachts from Taiwan are not equipped with any safe alternative energy sources. Each of the ships has the diesel engine. The engine power depends on the type of boat. The latest models are distinguished by a large displacement and power.

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