Formula Boats

American power and European style

Formula Boats is an example of how the Americans managed to acquire the European taste. All of the yachts are built by the Old world canons, but the talented manufacturers adapted it to the American view on how the boat should look like. A narrow V-shaped deck and high-speed capabilities are the strong points of these yachts.

The specialty of these boats is a peculiar shaped hull, the yards own invention. Its stair-like construction sucks the air under the hull, thus reducing the contact point with the water and improving the speed factor.

During the manufacturing, a special kind of fiberglass is used, which was developed exclusively for Formula. The model line also presented by pleasure yachts, size of which is very impressive. Inside, the rooms are planned pretty much like a house. You have your TV, a kitchen, a bathroom, anything to spend your time there with comfort. Thanks to the remarkable set of quality features this yachts possess, and more importantly, very smart combination of it, Formula yachts have been popular for so many years on the US market.

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