FREEDOM YACHTS - the sailing ships with a free mast

FREEDOM YACHTS is an American shipyard that is not operating now, but however, it managed to enter the annals of shipbuilding. The company was founded by athlete and champion Garry Hoyt in 1876. The manufacturer began to build the sailboats with the free masts made of carbon fiber.

The peculiarity of such sailboats is that they are equipped with a free-standing masts without rigging. The rigging system require the sailboat maintenance. Now you can control the sails without much difficulty. However, these boats have one drawback - in the case of a strong storm the mast can be broken. It can lead to the ship sinking. But the FREEDOM YACHTS boats are not designed to be navigated during the storm. These are the sport, sailing ships that are ideal for the regattas, competitions and sailing events in the coastal area. These yachts are also for recreation.

The company has released an entire series of sailing ships called FREEDOM. The manufacturer almost immediately began to use the modern materials, including fiberglass during the construction of ships. The development of the yachts was carried out not only by the founder of the company, but also by the naval architects. They protruded the masts slightly forward to reduce the risk of damage by the strong wind.

During the long years of the company's history the boats have repeatedly proved its reliability. The vessels have become the classics in their category and were entered into the history of shipbuilding. But the company could not survive for a long time. In the late 80s it ceased to exist. But the sailboats of this shipyard have have played the seas for some time. Today, some boats of the company can be found at the brokers. They were modernized and tested.

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