GEMINI CATAMARANS - the American dream of speed

GEMINI CATAMARANS is an American shipyard that has been successfully operating since 1981. The company produces the catamarans and trimarans and other vessels. The shipyard was founded by Tony Smith and his wife Sue. Later, the company was controlled by their daughter. It is a family company that keeps with the strict traditions.

The founder of the company was formerly engaged in the design of the boats in the UK, where he was born. It was there where he began his first experiments on the production of the compact catamarans. The cruising boats made by GEMINI CATAMARANS are built in the traditional American style, but they do have the characteristic features.

The company produces three main models of ships: the sailing catamarans Gemini "Freestyle" 37, GEMINI LEGACY 35 and Gemini 105Mc Design Touch. Gemini 105Mc Design Touch is the largest cruise catamaran, it is the flagship of the shipyard. Such a ship can even be called a yacht. It is characterized by the high motor power, reliability and thoughtful design, comfortable and respectable premises.

The manufacturer uses different materials for the construction of the vessels, including composites. Due to the composites they manage to make lightweight and reliable boats that are not afraid of moisture and time. They are resistant to destruction and retain their excellent appearance over the years.

All three models of ships were developed in 1981 and immediately put into production. The company's founder made the drawings of these boats in advance. He even had time to test them before the shipyard was registered.

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