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George S Lawley & Sons - the classic American ships

George S Lawley & Sons was the American shipbuilding company that was operated in Massachusetts during the period from 1866 to 1945. Everything began in Scituate, then the company moved to Boston. When the founder George Lawley (1823-1915) retired in 1890, his son, grandson and great-grandson supported the business that lasted until 1945. Among the hundreds of ships built by Lawleys, the basic models are the yachts Puritan and Mayflower, that became the winners in 1885 and 1886 on the America's Cup.

The founder of the company (George Lawley) was born in a family of shipbuilders in the UK and was well aware of how to construct the ships and yachts. His work at the shipyard began in England. However, he later moved to Massachusetts, where he founded a shipbuilding organization.

The legendary sailing ships Puritan and Mayflower were developed by Edward Burgess. After that, the company released a racing boat Elf, the USS range of vessels and other boats. All vessels built at this shipyard entered the history of shipbuilding. They now have a perfect design and robust construction. This is a real classics that is looked after by the other shipyards.

The sailing ships were made mostly of wood and metal. These are the traditional ships that were designed according to the old technology. Nevertheless, they are perfectly preserved. Some of the ships under this brand can be purchased today at the brokers. The vessels offered by the brokers have been tested and modernized.

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