GLACIER BAY - a range of premium catamarans

GLACIER BAY is a range of motor yachts made of fiberglass, released by World Cat. World Cat is the shipyard that is the largest producer of motor catamarans in the world. The production sites are located in Tarboro, North Carolina. Today, the organization has tens of thousands of the satisfied customers.

The shipyard is building the ships of various sizes and configurations, aiming to embody the customer's requirements into reality. However, the company has the mass-produced vessels. For example, GLACIER BAY is a catamaran range that has been produced for a quarter of century after the company was founded. At that time the shipyard already had considerable experience in working with different materials. It used the modern technology, including active use of fiberglass.

It is possible to say that GLACIER BAY is the company's flagship. The catamarans has the sporty design, they are high-speed, reliable and safe. The first models of GLACIER BAY were developed in 1986. The prototypes of these white catamarans with a flybridge were tested even in the northern waters near the glaciers in 1988.

In 1990, Glacier Bay 260 became the first model in history with an outboard motor in order to win the Bermuda Challenge. Since 1998, the long journeys have been made on the catamarans and yachts of this series. They all won the awards. The manufacturer is improving the flagship range every year. The yacht production continues to this day. Some ships of the company are presented by the brokers.

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