GOLDEN YACHTS - the exclusive megayachts

GOLDEN YACHTS is a shipyard, located in Greece. They are working on the custom-made elite yachts. The buyer can choose the material for the construction of vessel. Dimensions of the megayachts developed at this shipyard, are ranging from 94 to 272 feet in length. It is possible to construct the larger vessel according to the unique design.

The company has decided to build the ships in the Greek waters because there are necessary specialists. In addition, the local site allows to work on the very large-scale projects. When working on the megayachts the shipyard involves the well-known designers and architects. The cabins and other facilities on the yachts have the luxury furniture selected. In some cases, the furniture is custom-made.

A key feature of the boats made by GOLDEN YACHTS is luxury and exclusiveness. No vessel is made according to the standard project. Each ship has its own developed project and well-considered design. The customer has the opportunity to demand the construction of the wooden ship even according to the old technology - and such a yacht will be constructed. However, many projects are made of composites, steel and aluminum. The new technologies are widely used.

Having constructed the sailing ships, the manufacturer uses carbon fiber. It is the best material for the masts, it can withstand severe loads. The customers do not need to worry about their own safety - the GOLDEN YACHTS boats have all the details in advance. Often the lifeboats are designed for the ships. Projects of this shipyard are great and unique. Any of mega yachts is a true masterpiece, the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

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