HALLBERG-RASSY - the Swedish duet in the yacht market

HALLBERG-RASSY is a Swedish company that was established due to the efforts of two people - Harry Hallberg and Christoph Rassi. Having competed with each other for a long time, the owners of the two shipyards merged their productions in 1972.

It all started in the first half of the XX century, when Hallberg opened the shipyard on Orust Island (1943). Originally they built wooden boats. The emphasis on the skils of the builders was justified: the speedboats produced even without the projects gained success. However, in the 60s the shipyard switched to the mass production of fiberglass sailboats, and in 1972 Hallberg retired and sold the shipyard to Rassi. The owner of a private shipyard, Christoph Rassi thus expanded the production sites and focused on the sailing boats with a fiberglass hull.

The HALLBERG-RASSY yachts became widely known. Their distinctive features are affordability, well-considered hull, comfort. These boats are chosen by the lovers of yachting, and professionals. Despite its small size, the sailboats may be appropriate for voyages around the world - it had been already implemented on one of the boats of the Swedish shipyard.

HALLBERG-RASSY is the perfect choice for the reasonable boaters. Cheap, easy to navigate, thought out to the last detail, they will make you happy.

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