The American Individuality

The specialty of this company is the fact that it is regarded to be among the small number of manufacturers who make the exclusive custom made yachts in 70 to 130 feet class.

Hargrave has an impressive history in navy ship construction, it was once founded by the legendary designer Jack Hargrave more than 35 years ago. He was widely known as the man who had “adapted America to the seas”.

In 1997, when the top management of the company was replaced, it became clear, that the yachting industry has changed and it was necessary to find a new place for the company in the yacht building industry in order for it continue to produce superyachts for sale. The idea of entirely customizing the production seemed quite logical and progressive solution. Thus, the company began to master the new area of expertise, remaining under the known Hargrave brand. More and more clients become regulars at Hargrave, thanks to its premium quality, because everyone understands, what a wonderful feeling it is to own a brand new yacht made just for him.

The yachts are built using the very special Hargrave approach. It consists of 6 main stages: design, personalization, visualization, idea development, delivery and support.

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