HERRESHOFF - the brand that became a legend

HERRESHOFF is a yacht brand, known all over the world. Its founder was Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff, a mechanical engineer, designer, innovator and a naval architect from the USA.

Nathaniel was born in 1848 and died in 1938. His best yachts that have become the undisputed leaders of the America's Cup, were made in 1893-1920. In 1878 Herreshoff, an experienced sailor and designer, with his brother opened Herreshoff Manufacturing in Bristol. His work was continued by the sons Sidney and Lewis.

Herreshoff built the innovative sailboats - for his time, his technology and designs were a real breakthrough. They are still used. The length of his vessels ranged from 16 to 144 feet. It was Nathaniel who received a patent for the first American sailing catamaran and invented the modern winch.

Under the guidance of Herreshoff over 2000 yachts were built that are highly appreciated by the lovers of classic sailing ships. Some of them are represented in the family maritime museum established on the site of the first factory of Herreshoff Manufacturing.

The case of the famous American designer is continued by HERRESHOFF DESIGNS, INC. It is managed by the grandson of Nathaniel, Halsey Herreshoff and Adam Langerman. The company is developing the projects of modern yachts. Its offices are located at the site of the old factory in Bristol.

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