HI STAR - the extinct star of the East

HI STAR is the company opened in Taiwan in 1986. The motor yachts and boats for private clients were made under this brand. A careful approach to the work and use of the latest technology enabled the shipyard to attract the attention of thousands of boaters from all over the world.

HI STAR was producing the semi-customs that are the boats according to the ready-made designs that were additionally developed according to the requirements of the buyer. Each model had a great choice of configurations and options.

The company employed over hundred of high profile professionals. The shipyard focused on the European market, later - on the US market. For several reasons, in 1994 the production was moved to mainland China, where 6 years later it was rebranded.

Since 2000, HI STAR has been known as Activa Marine. The company is manufacturing the speedboats and motor yachts for the American market. The length of the vessels manufactured in China is between 10 and 20 meters. Its production sites are located in Jiangsu Province.

The HI STAR yachts became known for two reasons. The first one is the attentive relation to the technology (Taiwan was well-known for it in the 80-90s of the last century). The second reason is the affordability. These ships were cheaper than the similar models made in Europe, and were suitable for the representatives of the middle class.

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