HUCKINS - 90 years of shipbuilding

HUCKINS is an American shipyard, located in the town of Jacksonville, Florida. The company is building the custom-made yachts and have the custom-service. The history of the shipyard began in 1928, when it was founded by Frank Pembroke Huckins. Since its founding, the company began to be engaged in the production of the custom-made yachts.

During the war, the shipyard was successfully functioned. They even produced the large, heavy ships. During this period, the ships were made of materials such as steel and aluminum. In the 60s the shipyard switched to fiberglass. Since then the company began to develop the yachts from modern materials. Experimenting with fiberglass, the manufacturer developed a number of original mono-deck designs.

Today the shipyard is producing the sports boats made of fiberglass, fishing boats and yachts for recreation. The history of the company shows the large motor yachts. Gradually, however, the shipyard decided to abandon the manufacture of such big vessels, returning to the compact boats.

Recently, they have developed the ship models with a vintage design. The manufacturer decided to draw the eye into the past, in the 80s. At that time the boats had elegance and charm. The company plans to build such vessels in the future. They are now in a good demand. Although the shipyard is mainly focusing on the customer needs. Perhaps the point is that the vintage boats are ordered very often.

The American shipyards is using new technology and extensive practical experience. Therefore, the boats under this brand are safe and reliable.

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