HUNT Yachts - the traditions of New England

HUNT Yachts is a shipyard in New England, the company's head office is located in Portsmouth. The organization has a large construction site, the yachts are built in Taiwan and in the United States. Some of the boats are custom-made for the private clients. The shipyard is constructing the vessels for navigation on the high seas, and coastal boats.

The coastal vessels are very popular among the fans of fishing, water recreation and just cruises. The company is building three ranges of yachts of this type at once. There at also the deep-water yachts that can easily gain the offing, providing the owner and passengers with the safe sail.

The cruising and high-speed yachts and boats are designed by the well-known professional. More than 50 engineers are working at the shipyard. The company uses the best materials to provide the high quality of the products. In an effort to make someone's dream come true, they are trying to make this dream a long lasting one. The yachts at the shipyard are not just built, but also maintained. The ship owner can go to the marina of the shipyard and order maintenance or repair of the ship.

Some of the boats launched by the company, were designed a long time ago. The shipbuilding organization began work even before the occurrence of the modern materials such as fiberglass and composites. In the 60s the shipyard was also keen on experimenting with new materials. Today the vessels are made of polymers, composites and fiberglass. However, the old engineering projects of the company's founder can be used for it, albeit they are slightly improved.

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