HYLAS - the sailing yachts according to the customer orders

HYLAS is a shipyard, located in Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA. The American company is building the cruising sailboats. Today, the model range of yachts represents the following models: Hylas 46, 49, 56, 63, 70. The shipyard tries to satisfy the most demanding customers who are experienced in the maritime affairs. They are producing the custom-made sailing yachts, as well as finalizing the mass-produced models.

Many ships under this brand are designed for serious navigation. Some models can overcome the icebergs, others are designed for sailing in the quiet and warm waters. The manufacturer is producing the boat, guided by the wishes of customers. The company uses the additional production facilities to produce the vessels in that places, where it's convenient for the client. For example, some sailboats are made in Queen Long Marine in Taiwan.

Despite the fact that the sailing yachts are built at various shipyards, all ships comply with the quality standards of the company. They are characterized by reliability and high-speed characteristics. The boats do not cause inconvenience to their owners, they do not have any unexpected breakdowns. Of course, it is necessary to provide maintenance for the vessels from time to time in order to prevent unexpected problems.

Although the vessels are designed for sports and movement in the water, each of the yachts has a well-considered interior design. They are developed by the famous designers. The interiors can have the fine wooden finishing. In older ships such finishing is usually renovated when the boat hits the market.

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