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ICE Yachts - the Italian passion and innovations

ICE Yachts is a relatively new company, it is a young brand, but the professionals who work at the shipyard, has a serious experience. The brand was founded by the professionals who had a passion for innovative materials. The founders wanted to combine their interests and know-how.

The aim of ICE Yachts is the use of special technologies. During the construction of vessels fiberglass and composites are widely used. Particular attention is paid to the design of ships. The company knows that it is not enough to provide the boats with the technological innovations only. The appearance of the yacht is also very important.

The shipyard is located in Salvirola CR, Italy. It has been working here since the beginning of this millennium. The manufacturer has everything he needs to produce the excellent cruise ships. The model range includes a number of yachts and speedboats, cruise boats and other watercrafts. A special place is given to the cruise sailboats. These yachts are designed for quick movement on the water surface.

The cruisers are reliable, have a harmonious combination of classic design and innovations. They can withstand the severe challenges. Such ships do not fail the owners, because they were pre-examined for functionality. At the shipyard the sailing yachst are designed with the utmost care.

The vessels are becoming so beautiful, because their creators are passionate about the sailing ships. They have combined a passion for boats with a passion for innovations and produced the true masterpieces. Many fans of sailboats have already drew attention to the models of this brand.

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