ICON YACHTS - the megayachts from Holland

The ICON YACHTS shipyard is located in Harlingen, Netherlands. The company builds the custom superyachts, using all its experience and opportunities. Each boat under this brand is unique, the projects are developed by the high-qualified experts. The shipyard builds the ships in the Netherlands, using the work of local professionals. This ensures the premium quality of the boats.

The shipyard is not only building the new ships, but can also re-equip an old boat, if the owner wants to upgrade or modernize it. The vessels are equipped with the modern technology, protected against moisture and time as well as checked on the reliability of the technical units.

The company is producing the multi-deck luxury yachts with the length of 205 feet, the megayachts that are 300 and 370 feet in length. These are the real masterpieces of shipbuilding that look like the floating palaces. They are made in a classical style; these white megayachts are characterized by high safety. These ships can not have an accidental breakage. But they require regular maintenance and technical inspection.

The company can build a custom-made yacht for the client. The shipyard launches not only the giants. There are superyachts with the length of 130 feet and other more compact models of ships. The client can express his wishes when placing your order - they will be taken into account. The shipyard is concerned about the safety and uses only eco-friendly materials during the construction. Of course, they carefully think about the design of cabins and other premises, referring to the serious professionals.

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