A model of quality and comfort

Intrepid boatyard that builds luxury speeding boats began its operation in 1963. Today the headquarters of the company and all of its manufacturing facilities are concentrated in Florida, USA.

Intrepid management team pays most attention to building mid-size business-class yachts. The specialty of these yachts, a thing that makes them so original, is the fact that the manufacturer does everything to make them comfortable, modern, and most importantly, unique, working closely with the customers. As the company’s representatives proudly declare – it is nearly impossible two find two Intrepid yachts that look the same. Every one of them has its own unique features that convey the owner’s ideas. Not a surprise that the company’s motto sounds as: “One of a Kind. One at a Time”.

Intrepid has the same fearless name that an American World War II aircraft carrier once had. For this reason, when you board one of the Intrepid yachts you can feel the comfort and security of impetuous see fortress, the size difference notwithstanding.

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