INTREPID POWERBOATS INC. - any custom-made vessels

INTREPID POWERBOATS INC. is an American shipyard, located in Largo, Florida. The company built the first boat in 1983. It was a 30-foot motor boat made of composites. The manufacturer is producing the boats according to the orders of the clients, using modern technologies. These are mainly the composite yachts, safe and luxurious.

The cruising boats launched by the shipyard, are lightweight and fast. They are safe and reliable, because they are built according to the proven technology that has already justified itself. The yacht reflects the wishes of its owner. The company carefully writes down the wishes of the client, to embody them in the new ship. Sometimes the reputable designers are invited to take part in the works. The superyachts are built that way.

When it comes to the selection of the individual components, INTREPID POWERBOATS INC. is simply second to none. The client is able to choose almost everything - from the color of the boat to the brand of sanitary equipment and interior decoration. After all, it is important for the owner to decide which accessories and finishing materials will be used at the ship. The shipyard specialists are working together with the customer, trying to find the right materials, furniture and much more.

The pleasure and sporting boats, fishing boats, cruisers, boats for coast guard, boats for the rescuers can also be ordered at the shipyard. Each vessel will be produced in accordance with the requirements of the client. Also the shipyard offers the used boats that were sold by the previous owners. Some vessels under this brand, new and old, can be found at the broker.

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