IRWIN YACHTS - the boats made by Ted Irwin

IRWIN YACHTS is a shipyard founded by Ted Irwin, a marine designer and engineer. Prior to 1991, there have produced the fiberglass sailboats. The manufacturer worked with the best materials and built the boats according to the drawings of the founder of the organization.

Despite the fact that a year ago, Ted Irwin died, the shipyard continues to operate successfully. The demand for the company's boats has been only increased. However, they have not built the ships here since 1991. Instead of it, the company offers maintenance of the boats and resells older models, modernizes the vessels and provides other works.

The IRWIN YACHTS boats are very popular, it is a real classics, because the designer's name is known to every connoisseur of reliable and solid sailing ships. That is why the previous owners sell their yachts - they get the best deals.

Today, the boats designed by Ted Irwin, can be purchased at the shipyards and brokers. There are over 6,000 yacht owners of the brand in the world. And some of them are willing to sell the ships, if they receive a better offer, or if they will be given the requested amount.

The Irwin boats worth the money charged by the owners. After all, these vessels are second to none. They are reliable, fast and beautiful. The maneuverability of the vessels are excellent, the designer was ahead of his time, and developed the real masterpieces. Made of fiberglass the sailboats are not affected by moisture. It seems that time itself has no power over them.

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