KEY WEST - designed by fishermen for fishermen

KEY WEST is a shipyard in the United States. The vessels that are produced by the company, are presented as "the boats designed by fishermen for fishermen". The shipyard has been operating since 1986.

The goal of the company is to provide high quality of the ships and support it with the commitment to excellent customer service providing them with the best. The shipyard has a very strong and stable network of dealers located throughout the United States and abroad. These dealers understand and share the brand's commitment to the customer satisfaction. Key West has employed the skilled employees, providing each employee with a pride due to production of a high quality product.

The shipyard has more than 160 000 square feet of production facilities for the design, production, sales, marketing and customer service, there may follow the highest standards in quality, technology and value today and in the future.

The boats built by the company are the classic fishing boats for private use. The custom boats with motors are made of fiberglass. They are individually designed. Some ships were built on the basis of standard projects that are available at the shipyard.

Having bought a boat in this company, you can be sure that it can be used for a long time. Any vessel produced by Kay West, can be used not only for fishing but also for recreation. The boats are ideal for water trips in the coastal area. They are equipped with all the necessary security features, including the reliable flybridge.

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