KHA SHING - the exclusive from Taiwan

KHA SHING Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded in 1977 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for the production of semi-custom and custom yachts from 45 feet to 148 feet (13.7 m to 45 m) in length. The shipyard is building the custom-made boats. The company's flagship is the Monte Fino vessels.

The Monte Fino range represents the yachts, designed for the company by the well-known designer and architect agencies like Humphrey Yacht Design, Mulder Design, Dubois Yacht Design and Setzer Yacht Design with a cool and timeless appearance. Each Monte Fino can also be custom-made.

Monte Fino is an entire concept. Each year the company offers new products that have been enhanced. There are serial vessels in this series that are built for various events and exhibitions. Some of them have received the awards. These boats can also be bought. However, most customers of the shipyard order the boats individually. On the basis of any of the models they can build the luxury beauty that will conquer the seas.

The manufacturer uses both traditional and modern materials for the construction of ships. Today people tend to use more new technologies, composite construction and fiberglass. The shipyard is experimenting with the production of lightweight and luxury yachts. But the vessels with aluminum hull have not yet come out of production.

The buyer can find the vessels of KHA SHING at the brokers. The brokers offer both new serial items and used superyachts that have been sold by the previous owners. The range of boats is very large, and each of them has its own characteristics.

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