A Pearl of the East

Over a decade ago, Rodger Liang, a Chinese yacht business mogul, has built a yacht that was named as “Pearl of the East”, which was first presented to the world at the famous Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. The construction didn’t go without a hitch: first, it was being worked on in Singapore, then the yacht had to be brought over to Hong-Kong. That fact was partly the reason why the new Kingship yard was founded.

It is located in Shenzhen, has seven docks and a special synchronized elevator for the yachts. It is meant for the full-size ship building out of steel and aluminum. It was is of the first factories in the regions that was suited for the modern market, using the latest technologies for yacht building.

Kingship motor yachts are built only by demand and individual orders. Liang has clients all over the world – Europe, Australia, United States. In its work the Chinese manufacturer sticks to the “green” technologies and resource-saving solutions. The yard is actively using the latest researches by Asian giants in the field of electronics and appliances. Kingship was also one of the first yacht manufacturing companies to use fully electric engines in their yachts. The size of this “electric” yachts reaches up to 24 meters long.

As strange as it sounds for an Asian manufacturer, Kingship is guided by their commitment to creating as much environment-friendly yachts as possible, based on their newest technological achievements.

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