KROGEN - the American innovator

KROGEN is an American shipbuilder that has been successfully operating since 1976. The company produces the yachts and trawlers with the same name. The boats under this brand have a length of 44 to 58 feet. Some of the old vessels produced in the last century, are even less than 44 feet. For instance, Krogen Cutter has a length of 38 feet. It is a small sailboat made by the company in 1981. Such ships can still be found, they are viable and are in good condition.

The company adheres to the principle of architectural integrity, so even during the modernization of one design element in the ship model other changes can also be made. For 40 years, the organization has been producing the beautiful and reliable yachts and trawlers. The trawlers of this brand are included in the customer category, however, you can find the large semi-custom models that are also in demand of the companies.

The shipyard tend to make the most modern boats, so they always follow the development of equipment, especially technological means. Each year the company produces new products that have the latest technological developments introduced. This shipyard is known among the customers as an innovator and technology follower.

The shipyard also pays great attention to the ergonomics and ease of navigation of the vessels. Despite the fact that the boats are often ordered by the experienced sea lovers, ease of navigation is very important. After all, this sometimes affects the safety of the ship passengers. The boats under this brand can be purchased at the brokers (both old and brand new models).

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