L&H - the boats born for sport fishing

L&H Boats, Inc. is an American shipyard that produces the small fiberglass boats. The company is located in Stuart (Florida, USA).

The shipyard was founded by two people - John Mayer and Glenn Mueller. They opened the company in 1992, when the era of active development of the market of fiberglass boats was approaching its end. This fact did not prevent the experienced shipbuilders to succeed and build some great boats.

Not so many yachts are produced under the L&H brand. Most of the boats do not leave the US waters: they are small, inexpensive to maintain, and their owners leave them very rarely. These motor yachts and speedboats are most often used for sport fishing. They can go out to sea and go on a short trip along the coast, as well as trips on the fresh-water ponds.

The owners of the shipyard had one goal - to create a comfortable boat for sport fishing so it would be possible to fish from either board.

L&H is building the custom-made boats. These are the lightweight, relatively small, but very comfortable yachts that are highly evaluated by the ordinary Americans. They will be good for any waters where there are no big waves and heavy storms.

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