Lazzara Yachts – comfort, speed and perfection in every line

Lazzara Yachts Inc. was founded in 1956 and designated the beginning of its operation by making a first yacht – a real beauty with a fiberglass hull. The very first model received a universal acknowledgement among the professional yachtsmen that convinced the company’s owner – Vince Lazzara to continue and expand the new enterprise. Today Lazzara is one of the biggest yards and builds a wide range of yachts. The company’s main production facilities are situated in Tampa, FL.

Lazzara’s motto is - “Imagine the perfection” and pin points the company’s urge to create an ideal with every produced yacht. All of the yachts that go off Lazzara’s docks are united by the same design features: bold contours of stair shaped hulls, elegant interiors, drop-shaped panoramic windows. A special attention is paid to the performance specifications: Lazzara’s model line includes yachts from 75 to 105 feet long with superb seagoing qualities – maneuverability, immaculate handling and speed.

Lazzara Yachts has been a title winner of numerous international events. Some of the awards are: the ASID 2002 award, 2000 International Superyacht Design Award, 2000 Showboat International Magazine Award in “best yacht” category and the most honorable – the MTU Zero Defects award for impeccable quality.

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