The yard with a centennial history

Leopard Yachts is an Italian shipbuilding company, specializing on Premium class yachts. Its dockyard is located not far from Pizza, and covers the area of about 92 square kilometers. Every year, the company launches at least five mega yachts.

Leopard – means innovations, individual approach to every yacht, the quality, acknowledged by the best experts in the yacht field. These are not mere statements: the wharf can be proud by its 100-year history.

It all began in 1907, with the creation of a family dockyard called “Giuseppe Picchiotti and sons”. However it became a yacht building yard only in 1973, when under the Leopard brand the first yacht was created and launched, at that time it was made out of wood. Eleven years later, the company began making fiberglass yachts.

Modern Leopard Yachts is an extensive manufacturing facility, equipped by the latest trends in yacht building technologies, allowing it to work on the hardest and biggest projects there are. Having been making custom ordered yachts for over than 40 years, the company has become well known among the luxury yacht devotees.

Every Leopard Mega Yacht is made following the latest building technologies, possesses individual design and technical features. Each and every one of them deserves to be judged at the best boating shows of the world.

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