LLOYDS SHIPS - the exclusive boats

LLOYDS SHIPS are the champions ships, yachts, designed for large travel, futuristic boats with a unique design. These are the motor ships that are built by the German company Lloyds Yachts.

In the shipping field LLOYDS SHIPS is the second to none. The company opened due to the efforts of Meier and Kruzemann was established in 1857. Initially, the German entrepreneurs organized the communication between Germany and England, and later they began the trans-Atlantic crossings. They required the large boats that, in turn, needed the dry dock and maintenance. So, step by step, the LLOYDS company has become the shipyard and its vessels have found demand among the commercial organizations and even more.

The company and the vessels of LLOYDS SHIPS survived the First and Second World Wars, the crisis in Germany, and fragmentation of the state. After the reunification of West and East Germany the shipyard began to build the megayachts. The production capacity and huge docks allow the company to build ships from 50 to 200 meters in length. Each of them is custom-made, each of them is unique. These boats can easily cross not only the Atlantic, but also the Pacific ocean, go to a trip around the world, or establish a charter business.

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