Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts – a super yacht in all sense of the word!

Majesty Yachts – is the company and the boatyard, located in Ajman, UAE. Even though the company that builds yachts was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1982, it is considered to be a branch of the larger Gulf Craft Inc.

The main manufacturing company has about 24 year of various fiberglass sea vessels behind its belt. Those are luxurious premium class Majesty Yachts, as well as medium class 41 to 140 ft. yachts.

In Majesty Yachts’ policy remain two main principals – high level of comfort and the uniqueness of every model design. The company designers always engage with the potential owners in cooperation. As the result - you get a really exclusive yacht with furnishing, designed by the best British, Dutch, Australian and Italian masters.

The Majesty Yachts’ motto is translated as: “Quality, Safety, Architecture and Control of the yacht take no compromises!” In addition, the company’s engineers and architects, literally on the daily basis, use the new ideas not only in design and materials, but in ship machinery construction as well. Each superyacht is equipped with modern electronics and automatic safety control systems, as well as numerous entertainment options. The serial Majesty 125 superyacht is an unspoken engineering triumph of the company, but it is difficult to give credit for something you do not see. Therefore, we have only to admire how beautiful and fast this ship is.

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