MAKO - the ideal solution for the beginner

MAKO Boats is a company engaged in the construction of offshore boats for over 40 years. The manufacturer specializes in the coastal models and boats with a central console.

The size of the MAKO boats are very small - up to 33 feet. Usually in the sea you can see the lightweight speedboats of 5-6 meters in length and less. Despite their size, these boats are perfect for cruises. Most of them are used for sport fishing, diving, water skiing and other water sports, but in the range there are the bigger boats that are suitable for the open sea.

MAKO are not used for going far away from the shore, but they are perfect even for one- and two-day cruises. They are able to develop high-speed and are very easy to use, so they are often used in the tourist sector. But more often such speedboats are bought for personal purposes: they are easy to store and inexpensive to maintain and repair.

The MAKO boats have become legendary among the sailors. Many of those who now owns a large yacht, began with MAKO. Easy to use and fast enough, they "forgive" the mistakes and can take you to any point of the coast. And also they can make you happy with freedom, a feeling of which can be given only by the high-speed marine vessel.

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