MARINER - the yacht that you will never leave

MARINER is a brand with a long and complex history. The first Mariner boats were built by the Far East Yachts company, founded by Clare Oberli in Japan (Yokosuka). It's been three years since the company was founded (in 1957) before the release of the first wooden Mariner. In 1960, the shipyard launched two boats - 31 and 40 feet in length.

For several years MARINER produced only the boats with wooden hulls, but in 1968 its founde decided to test fiberglass and created the first modern yacht Hulled Mariner. The economic problems in Japan forced the shipyard owner to move to California (Long Beach) and to establish the Clair Yachts company. A few years later, the production moved to Taiwan.

Both the brand and the yachts of MARINER have passed the test of time. More than 50 years have passed since the establishment of the first model, but up to this day, these boats make the owners happy. They are made of modern materials, have successful design, they give full independence to the yachtsman and excellent opportunities for cruises. Of course, these are small yachts, and it is difficult to cross the ocean on them, but they are perfect for travel and leisure: the affordable, cost-effective, easy to repair Mariner yachts delight the owners.

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