Marlow Yachts – innovations, speed and style.

Yachts of this American shipbuilding company rightfully belong to the number of the most popular and demanded yachts by the private high-speed boat owners. From the very beginning of its foundation in 2000, the company has always been in the vanguard of industry leaders, supplying the market with high-speed innovative solutions.

Marlow yachts manufacturer produces several yacht series: Marlow Explorer, Marlow Voyager and Marlow Prowler.

The yachts are so popular due to the number of unique features. For example, during the manufacturing Marlow uses complex equipment, which allows making hulls of just three-piece solid cast parts as opposed to dozens of parts the other manufacturers use in hull assembly. The low number of assembly seams prevents the yachts from leaking during the long decades of operation.

During the displacement movement mode, the yachts are capable of covering immense distances due to the fuel economy. In its turn, while moving in semi-planing mode, the yachts may reach the speeds up to 20 knots per hour.

The design of Marlow yachts is also very original. For exterior and interior designs the company implements very unique techniques and top quality materials.

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