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MARTEN YACHTS is one of the leading yacht brands, not only in New Zealand, but also in the entire southern hemisphere. The company was established in 1972. From the early days of the company its founder, Steve Martin, wanted more than just the construction of the custom-made yachts.

From the very beginning MARTEN YACHTS established itself as one of the best manufacturers of yachts with a composite hull. The company pulled ahead due to advanced technology and the highest quality of the yachts. The shipyard has built and is building the luxury cruising yachts and racing vessels that can win in the toughest competition. They also produce the sailboats with a length from 49 to 85 feet.

In 2000, there was another brand emerged - MARTEN MARINE that later became a sign of innovative technology and the highest quality. The yachts of MARTEN have deserved popularity all over the world - from Australia to the United States and Europe. Luxury, unusual, very fast, they give their owners pleasure to enjoy the freedom and comfort. On these yachts you can cross the oceans and go to the most difficult journeys. Or, if you appreciate the speed characteristics, you can participate in the regattas.

Composite hull, modern equipment, including electronics, sophisticated design are the features that has turned MARTEN into a recognizable brand.


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