MCQUEEN - a legend from the British Columbia

MCQUEEN is a shipyard in Richmond, British Columbia. The boats were built here in the 50s of the last century. The company has released a huge number of ships. Many of them were built according to the designs of the British naval architect Ed Monk Sr. Ed Monk is a legend, and the ships that have been produced according his drawings, have also become legendary.

The shipyard originally used only traditional materials for the construction of vessels - the manufacturer had no choice. There were mostly steel vessels. However, over time, the range of yachts of the company also had boats made of the new material. New lightweight materials made the vessels faster, ensuring their resistance to moisture.

Over time, the company has almost completely shifted to the new materials. For example, here today they are producing the yachts made of fiberglass. The vessels are still designed according to the drawings of Ed Monk Sr. His projects continue to cause admiration of the shipbuilders. The range of the company's ships includes the respectable yacht, designed for wealthy clients. These boats are custom-made. More simple models are mass-produced.

The yachts of the shipyard in Richmond have the engines from Caterpillar. Interior design for many boats is developed by Jon Pokela. The vessels that are built by the shipyard crew, are designed for long journeys. The boats are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that the passengers can feel themselves comfortable. The brokers present many boats of this brand. They are gorgeous and inspire admiration.

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