Michael Rybovich

Michael Rybovich - the fishing boats with a centennial history

Michael Rybovich is an American full cycle shipyard that has been successfully operating since 1919. At first, they made simple wooden boats using the oak wood. Today, the company is still using the oak wood in the construction of ships, but the boats are already produced by the new technology. We are talking about the cold forming of the hull. Fiberglass is also used for the construction of vessels.

The shipyard not only builds the ships, but also offers repair and maintenance services for the boats. You can order the upgrade and restoration of the yacht. The main part of the Michael Rybovich vessels are the boats for sport fishing. Such type of vessels has been produced at the shipyard since the founding of the company.

Since 1958, the company began to use the epoxy resins in the construction of ships, abandoning the adhesives. This has increased the quality of the boats and made them more reliable. The shipyard is working not only on the technical part of the vessels, but also on the design.

Design of the boats is developed by specialists directly at the shipyard. The company has employees who can perform such works. Therefore the yacht design development is not given to the third-party specialists.

The production site of the company is located in North Palm Beach, USA. In this area there are excellent sites for the construction of ships. The manufacturers does not need a lot of space to produce the small-sized fishing vessels. However, the serious scales of production require more space.

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