The yachts of the new Millennium

Millennium Yachts is the company aimed at building yachts of the new era. The history of this company was started by building three luxury yachts in the 1980s. People like Frank Mulder and Danison Marine have worked on those yachts (“Moonraker”, “Octopussy”, “Thunderball”). All of them were made by the concepts of John Rosatti and John Staluppi. Their cooperation led to creating The Millennium Yacht Company in 1998 in Riviera Beach, Fl.

In their attempt to reach their goal – creating yachts of the future, the engineers and designers of the company take on the most fantastic of the projects. But the shape of the yacht, the design, how it looks is not all the manufacturer is worried about. Same scrutiny they apply to the performance features, safety and longevity of their vessels.

Millennium Yachts come in range of 22 to 46 meters long. Such sizes were possible to make due to the great shipyard, located in Palm-Beach. Its area is near to 14 acres. Equipped by two lifts that can support weights as heavy as 300 and 150 tons, the yard is ideal for any large scale projects in custom yacht building.

One of the latest Millennium models is a motor yacht with a double diesel engine with 5000 h. p. capacity, which is capable of going as fast as 112 km/h.

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