MITSUBISHI - a shipyard from Japan

MITSUBISHI is a Japanese shipyard, producing the luxury ships. The production of megayachts is carried out only by one of the divisions of a huge company. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the Japanese giant that carries out developments in areas such as defense and rocket science, energy sector and shipbuilding.

The company has as many as three production sites on which the yachts are built - in Nagasaki, Kobe and Shimonoseki. The production areas are huge, allowing the shipbuilder to build large ships. Design and construction of mega yachts have been done by MITSUBISHI for a long time. One of the legendary boats of the company is a 82-meter O'Mega that was built in 1987. Despite the fact that the ship was produced 30 years ago, it impresses with its grandeur and majestic appearance.

It is interesting, that the background of the company founding began in 1857 at the request of the Tokugawa shogunate. The Dutch engineers came to work in Nagasaki Yotetsusho - the organization that was later transformed into MITSUBISHI. The manufacturer of luxury yachts is building the boats using innovative technologies. The company has a lot of developments that can be implemented to improve the ships.

The legendary megayacht of this shipyard can by found on sale today. They are in excellent condition despite the fact that some of them have been released at the end of the last century. Each ship has its own unique features. These boats are built for the most demanding customers.

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