MOCHI CRAFT - the high-tech fishing boats from Italy

The Italian shipbuilding organization MOCHI CRAFT produces the boats for fishing and lobster catching using the traditions of the past and the present technology. This company is a part of Ferretti Group. Therefore, the shipyard can apply the technology and know-how developed by the parent company. Due to research, MOCHI CRAFT is producing the high-performance boats in the Italian style.

The vessels under this brand are distinguished by the best-in-class performance, eclectic design and original stylish contours of the hull. Mochi Craft is continuously looking for the innovative solutions for the production of yachts in order to build the best vessels in relation to performance, comfort, safety and reliability. This commitment is supported by AYT&D - Advanced Yacht Technology & Design - a center for research, style and product development of Ferretti Group.

Comfort and stability of the ships are guaranteed by ARG-Anti - an exclusive technology developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In addition, the exclusive lines of the Dolphin keel made by AYT&D, due to its excellent hydrodynamic efficiency comparing with the other models provide exceptional stability and comfort of navigation.

The vessel models of Mochi Craft are equipped with advanced computing hydrodynamic equipment, the most powerful electronic system for evaluating the fluid particle kinematics below the keel. It is a standard on all yachts of Ferretti Group fleet that is established even before they participated in the America's Cup.

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