MONTE FINO - the Italian style and Asian performance

MONTE FINO is a company with a production site in Kha Shing, Taiwan and office in Fort Lauderdale, United States. The shipyard was founded in California by industrialist Tom Van Rijan. The founder realized that in today's market there is demand for motor boats, with a luxurious and sophisticated Italian design, but these boats shall be characterized by reliable performance of the Asian boats.

Being a passionate sailor, Tom Van Rijan realized that typical Italian motor boat has not enough fuel required for cruise travels in the waters of Alaska and Mexico. In addition, the Italian vessels have a very different design. They are simply not designed for such experience. ThatХs why Tom founded the shipyard that has become one of the most successful brands in the world of yachting.

Monte Fino is recognized as a leader by the sailors around the globe. The company's ability to produce the high quality boats at reasonable prices makes their boats popular in the conditions of moder economy. One of the keys to success was also the appearance of the vessels. The boats have received the original Italian design with a dash of American style. And eclectic style is at the peak of popularity today.

The company produces the unique ship models with a bright and unusual design that immediately attract the customers and enslave their hearts. Since the company subdivision in Taiwan is engaged in production, the manufacturer may offer the boats at the most attractive prices. The peculiarity of boats under this brand is in the fact that, with the Italian design, they can withstand the severe challenges.

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