A simple choice – a union of functionality and luxury from Moonen Yachts.

Do Moonen super yachts need any special introduction? This shipyard rightfully occupies its place in the top five builders of the world. And that fact is easily explained. The management doesn’t only rely on unique designs and luxury interiors, a great deal of attention is given to applying advanced technologies and innovations. For instance, practically no other company in the world can pride itself in such achievements that seem minute at first glance: sheet metal cutting, hull coating and welding, putting in the latest navigation equipment. But thanks to all of that, Moonen yachts are entirely self-reliant during the long transatlantic voyages, even in stormy seas.

In 1963, a wharf in a little Dutch town called Den Bosch released its first boat that immediately won universal respect due to the right balance of quality and beauty. It took a small amount of time to win over the market of continental Europe and then, the world.

There are no similar examples of yachts that combine in itself luxury, comfort and up-to-date functionality. These yachts give no reason for its owners to compromise performance for luxury.

The wharf produces yachts that are 60 to 150 ft. long. The quality is proved by high demand. Some models are ordered for a year in advance. The customers are as demanding as they are patient and their geography lists every continent.

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