NAUTIC STAR - the innovative boats from Emory

NAUTIC STAR is a shipyard in Amory, Mississippi. It is privately owned company managed by the founder. The company was established in 2002. The specialists with over 25 years of experience in boat production are working here. NauticStar has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer, the brand has become a symbol of high-quality ships.

180,000 square feet are the production capacities of Nautic Star. Recently the shipyard area has been expanded, the company has received the conditions for testing of large vessels. In the near future we can expect an increase in the production of boats.

The company is making its boats of fiberglass without the use of wood. It is 100% non-wooden production. They declined the wood because of its fragility. Decay and destruction can be completely eliminated using the modern material. The shipyard uses fiberglass and special foam that is filling the mold.

After solidification of the foam they receive the lightweight and surprisingly robust construction. The ship is not affected by time, it is not rotten or destroyed. Such yachts, in principle, do not require special storage conditions - they retain their original appearance for decades.

Besides the fact that such a construction is more durable, it also dampens vibrations and reduces rocking. The maneuverability of these vessels is amazing. They can overcome the difficult parts without any damage. The vessels are equipped with technology of self-bailing cockpits.

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