Nedship Yachts – a look into the future

In 1985 the Turkish yacht manufacturers decided to conquer the world super yacht market. And they managed to do it rather quickly. Nedship yacht company has taken their product to the level that is higher the deluxe or even VIP. Each yacht is created to shock the customer, blow his mind and set new standards of luxury.

When one of the Nedship yachts shows up on any shore it invariably turns heads. Those yachts can be made sporty, in classic form or even futuristically looking. In any case, Nedship yachts’ design is always progressive, moving forward, its entire look declaring that the only way is ahead, no obstacle is too big.

Nedship’s yard builds giant yachts starting from 60 feet long with limitless size range. Practically every yacht, even the small one has its own pool, a helipad, a boat garage and lots of other luxury features. In 2016, at the Monaco boat show, the company is preparing to present its mega yacht, an above water metropolis, if you will. It is hard to believe, but with all that attention given to the design, the company manages to apply the latest technologies as well. The yachts are made of super advanced alloys, quite fuel-efficient and perfectly stable. Looking at them gives you an impression that the limit to perfection has actually been reached.

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