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Nicolini Shipyard is an Italian shipyard that is part of Ferretti Group. It has been operating since 1963. The history of the shipyard can be divided into several periods. Until the early 70's the company founded by Sanzio Nicolini, built the ships made of aluminum - the material that was chosen very rarely at that time. The shipyards used the wood.

In the 70s the company began to cooperate with Carlo Riva and built several boats for this organization. During this period, they began to produce the megayachts and even created a vessel for the Emir of Qatar. In the 80s the major customers of the company were the Greek ship owners and wealthy people from the Middle East. The yachts produced became larger, the ship interiors received even more luxurious finishing.

In the 90s the company gone through a difficult period. At that time, they released the megayachts such as Awal II, Maracunda, Lady Anne PB, Pegaso, Sahab IV, Pestifer and Numptia. However, the sales fell due to the Gulf War. Since the shipyard delivered the vessels mainly to the Middle East, the company had to look for other sources of income. The shipyard decided to diversify the activities and began the maintenance and repair of vessels.

In 1999, the shipyard was bought by Ferretti Group. The company merged with another shipyard - Custom Line. In the 2000s, the company that has already become a part of Ferretti Group, has bought another shipyard - Mario Morini. It enhanced the possibilities of the shipbuilder. The organization received the production sites with an area of 80 thousand square meters. The availability of these sites allowed the shipyard to build 15 mega-yachts simultaneously.

During its 50th anniversary in 2013, the company released the two hundredth megayacht - the 80-meter Chopi Chopi. After the release of this vessel the company prepared the strategic development program for the next 50 years.

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