NISI Yachts - modern, stylish and fast

The young NISI was founded in 2006. It specializes in building middle class premium yachts. The engineers design models 17-26m long, but it is also possible to custom order a yacht up to 45m long, the yard’s facilities are equipped for that. NISI Yachts is a global company with their main office located in Greece, their manufacturing facilities are in China, and their top class specialists are gathered from around the world. Thanks to that, NISI Yachts contain all the latest technological achievements and innovations and the traditions sampled from every corner of the world make every customer’s whim possible to materialize.

NISI Yachts stand out with its futuristic looking forms, no-nonsense designs, and lavish interiors. With all that chic being moderate and laconic, it didn’t stop NISI 2400 super yacht to win at the “Asia Boating Awards 2011” in the “most innovative yacht of the year” nomination. Brilliant luxury, innovative design and the cutting edge technology of the NISI yacht were met with a cheering enthusiasm from the yachting fans. Every year NISI sets a new trend in the world boating fashion.

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